London Classes


We are well known for having Top Quality Bachata and Salsa Lessons in London, but that’s not all. We have a complete team of professionals teaching with us.

Bachata Amigos

*Mondays: Come to Bachata Spice @ Club Reina where you will be able to enjoy the best Bachata lessons

For more info click here.


Cover Picture

The Latin Passion is well known for having regular students performance groups. We deliver high quality in our courses and give the option to our students for: Know new friends with the same interest generating strong relationships, develop the feeling of being part of a team, improve the student’s dance skills focusing in the technique, styling, musicality, etc. And more than anything else we always have fun.

Peynao is the official choreographer. For more info about our next performance groups just contact him here.


If you really want to focus about improving your dance skills and need a personalized attention you only need to contact us for availability.


World Bachata Masters Lesson

We are professional too in Group Workshops.  With a long experience in events and congresses our members will bring you knowledge and fun in our group lessons. Contact us for availability and rates.

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